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HomeThe design is externalLearn the basics of exterior design services

Learn the basics of exterior design services

The interior design of homes is not the only aesthetic part, even the exterior facade
It gives it a complete look and it doesn’t just say it on the housing
It also includes commercial projects
That is why you need exterior design services and know what you are doing
The most important thing that these services provide is an attractive appearance in your facade in addition to the design of gardens
Did you not pass a day in front of one of the facades and stop for a few seconds, watching the beauty of the place?
So what are you waiting for ?
But first get to know the basics of this type of design and what it can offer you.

What do exterior design services provide?

The most important thing that gives amazing symmetry is the balance between the most important elements that make the shape
What you dream about in addition to that every interface needs coordination in external design services
own to make it look cheerful so we will put what you should focus on in the design of your interface

All forms of design, whether exterior or interior, need consistency in order to be able to get the look
Who you want and how was the place where you will apply the design will give you an aesthetic that attracts the eye
For example, balance can be achieved through the external height and ceiling lines, in addition to balancing the height, regardless of the
The style of the place There are several ways to complete your external appearance, which will suit your project

You may be wondering what materials you can use for the facade?
Aluminium, steel and wood?
Or burning granite, marble and porcelain? Maybe paint and natural concrete?
Okay!! With all these materials, you will be confused


So how do you choose what might suit you ?

There is only one way that will enable you to choose and that is always try to choose what is durable and solid and what is aesthetically pleasing
Adopting your personal character will make you stand out from the ordinary and create an outstanding look

The shape according to the building
There is a common saying in exterior design services that
Form follows function
Before You Begin Determine What Purpose of Your Building Is It a Project?
If so, try to put a stamp on the outside of what you offer inside, and if it is for your home, try to highlight the style or appearance on the outside.
Which model did you use?
This will make your building integrated in an amazing interior and exterior
It is important to impress your guests at home or motivate your business customers

Pamper yourself outside
The outdoor areas around your home give a recreational outlet, whether with your family or friends outside, so you can create an area
Your own entertainment abroad
So why not try creating an outdoor kitchen in your home or an outdoor seating area?
This will add another look to your space in addition to the possibility of cooking, sitting and eating in an atmosphere of pleasure besides
Many other shapes that can be included in your space


color confusion
There are a huge number of colors, which makes you wonder which color to choose and how to decide the right color for your exterior, cold or hot
Bold or normal, light or dark, and with this matter is of great importance, it draws attention and at the same time may hide some defects in
your building so follow this method
In order to be able to choose the right one for you, use only two dyes, no more, or select lighter or darker shades with the possibility of using a color
Third contrast in doors and windows
Try to play with colors, they deceive the eyes and hide many flaws, besides using them in the answers, they have different ways

The best decorations for apartments and villas that have been implemented in Art Attack Decoration

Windows have a special cosmetic function, so there are several styles that you can choose from besides being durable
Reflective of the character of the building, so try to customize it according to your needs in terms of privacy, ventilation, size and location
Which overlooked as large-sized windows can be customized on the front of the house in length
Ceiling to floor, this shape gives a modern look to your building

How do you choose garage doors?
I think you have asked this question
Is it a steel door?

Or a design that fits the building?
And even with the endless options, you may be confused in choosing what is suitable, so the first thing you must do is choose what may fit
The building and the application of the appropriate form, in addition to the use of security features, of course, and it is preferable that it be located away from the facade

Don’t let your building sink in the dark at night
Choosing the right lighting will make him look charming at night
We are not talking about the interior here, but the exterior space, so if you want to, try to choose lanterns of a shape that suits the style
The building and can be placed on the entrance or garage in addition to distributing it here and there appropriately will make this your space
It appears even at night besides the appearance of your interface is charming and completely different from the light

What are you going to do for your house?
Choosing the ceiling will be a big obstacle for you, as it is not only aesthetic but
default working length as well
For example, you can choose wooden ceilings. It is one of the usable options and its average life
It has been over 20 years old and is ideal for people who shy away from sheet metal as they are a much more expensive option.


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