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kitchen decorations

kitchen decorations

The kitchen is an integral part of the home. It is the place dedicated to cooking food and drinking favorite drinks, as well as the place that brings the family together, creating a family atmosphere and enjoyable times, So, one of the most important things to keep in mind about this place is to search for many kitchen decorations and use what is appropriate among them to decorate your kitchen.

There are many ideas that can easily contribute to decorating your kitchen according to your personal style and enliven it through decoration, colors and combinations, Today, dear, we will provide you with many simple tricks and tips to choose the one that suits your kitchen space.


kitchen design

Small kitchen decorations

There are many ideas that make your small kitchen a masterpiece that will make you spend most of the time inside it and in complete comfort, Among those ideas are the following

Picking the right colors

  • Dear, you should choose your favorite colors so that you feel comfortable, fun and calm in your small space, So you should choose light colors, which in turn give a wider area.
  • Choose a unified color for the small kitchen and stay away as much as possible from the large contrast between the colors of the kitchen and the walls, as the large number of colors in small kitchens makes it appear crowded and less in space.

Adequate lighting

  • What is most important to any place, especially kitchens, is good lighting. During the day, welcome the natural light as the sun’s rays purify the place. So make sure that there is a large window in the kitchen that allows natural light to pass through.
  • If you have a table in the middle of the kitchen, it is necessary to put appropriate lighting above it. It is also recommended to put lighting in places of food preparation, and above the marble, And under the storage cupboards to give you enough light while you work.

kitchen decorations

pelvic area

  • Many ideas can be created in that area, For the basin itself, it is preferable to use only one basin, as it is more practical than divided into two basins.
  • As for the area around the sink, it can be used to put a hanger for dishes and cups that are used daily, which saves a lot of space in the kitchen cupboard.

kitchen decorations

storage cupboard

  • When choosing a kitchen storage cupboard, be innovative in choosing a smartly designed cupboard that accommodates the largest amount of tools and fits into the small kitchen space.
  • There are many forms of kitchen cupboards, some of which are designed in an organized manner from the inside that works to store dishes in a smooth manner, which saves you a lot of time and effort.

kitchen decorationsExploiting the corners

Dear, you can use the corners in your small kitchen with all taste and distinction, Which gives it a feeling of warmth and comfort.


kitchen decorations


If you are thinking about choosing kitchen decorations, you can first follow the following tips from the designers of Art Attack Decoration Company

  1. You should choose comfortable and gradual distinct colors with each other, especially the dining area, so that their colors match the color of the kitchen floor and the suspended ceiling, if any.
  2. The main areas of the kitchen should be fed with appropriate lighting to become as luminous as possible for you to work easily.
  3. Use warm colors as shades in the colors of your kitchen, Such as red, orange, yellow, prophet as well as shades of white.
  4. The use of simple colors in kitchen surfaces, cupboard colors and all kitchen accessories, which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Turkish kitchen decorations

Turkish kitchens in our modern age are considered one of the most wonderful kitchens in terms of shape, colors and innovative decorations in design, which makes them very popular with those with high tastes.

There is a new trend that has recently spread in the decoration of Turkish kitchens , during which simple models, ideas and cheerful colors were used. With the manufacture of kitchen units surfaces from natural, environmentally friendly materials such as granite and marble.

This type of kitchen is called the classic Turkish kitchen, which combines modern designs with simple, traditional taste.

This style of decoration has been very popular as it pays great attention to every corner of the kitchen, making it easy to use every piece in the kitchen comfortably and smoothly.

All the elements of the classic Turkish kitchen involve harmony and simplicity while blending all the interior details of the kitchen together, which gives preference in decorations and shapes.

kitchen decorations


Regardless of whether your kitchen is small or large, there is no limit to your imagination and distinctive designs that contribute to placing a wonderful imprint in your kitchen decor, making you enjoy every moment you spend inside it.


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