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Flooring and its types between natural and artificial

flooring Of the most important things in the place because of the different value it gives to it, and since ancient times and with the emergence and progress of civilizations and the accompanying arts, one of the most interests was the mastery in choosing floors, between marble, wood, mosaic and even carved ornate stones, as it was not An architectural impact of impressive floors that reflects the culture and civilization of its makers, even with development, innovation in floors still has the lion’s share in The world of decoration and architecture..so we have to know that the appropriate flooring not only reflects consistency with the style of the place, but also reflects the taste and spirit of the owner of the place, and we mention below some types of flooring

Flooring and its types


Flooring types

marble floors

marble floors Marble is one of the best natural materials used in floors, and its diversity, shapes and different colors. As well as the difference in its material and aesthetic value .. We do not forget the wonderful marble statues in different eras and to our time, so what if we talked about its use in floors ! And employ it according to the prevailing style in the place! Natural marble is suitable for all models. We only have to choose the appropriate color and type. Scratches and fractures can be repaired, treated, re-polished and completely renewed. Marble is like a precious stone that does not lose its value over time.

Flooring and its typesCeramic and porcelain

They are the industrial alternatives to natural marble, as well as the newest and most beautiful alternatives to tiles.. As ceramic and porcelain divide tiles of different sizes and the composition is similar to tiles and similar to the shapes of natural marble with hardness, luster, multiple colors and modern designs, with the development of the industry it has become There are forms of mosaics and ceramics with prominent or sunken decorations, as well as natural wood and parquet sizes.. It is true that there are differences between porcelain ceramic In terms of the size of the tiles..in the porcelain tiles of larger sizes and more luster and hardness and its cost is slightly higher than ceramic..but it remains a suitable alternative to marble at a lower cost and greater diversity in terms of shapes and colors..the only common defect in most industrial alternatives remains the ease of exposure to scratching Or clinging and difficult to restore or treat

wooden floors

Many people love wooden floors because they give it a feeling of warmth and intimacy, to put a part of nature inside your living room or bedrooms, a comfort that is unmatched, and fortunately there are different colors of it and it is treated well, and it is like natural floors It can be restored and treated, as well as it can be used in its solid form or installed by interlocking with geometric designs, and it can also be installed by gluing directly on a concrete surface or installed on wood with a screw Wooden floors are suitable for the living room and bedrooms, as well as some people prefer them in the reception. As we mentioned, they give warmth to the place.. But it is not recommended to use them in wet places such as bathrooms and kitchens.. There are types of treatment for use in gardens and outside the house, with grafting with stones and plants, which gives Gorgeous aesthetics

Flooring and its typesHDF Flooring

HDF is the industrial alternative to wooden floors, as we mentioned before, the era of industrial alternatives gave the opportunity to find alternatives to natural raw materials, less costly alternatives and less waste of environmental resources and trees, as well as giving a good amount of endurance, even if it was much less than natural wood, as well as inability For renewal and treatment, but there are all forms of it Natural wood , in different colors and of suitable quality, and its installation is one of the easiest floors, as it can be installed without any adhesives or nails, and it can even be installed over the old tiles without the need to remove it. HDF is a practical, low-cost, quick-to-install alternative that gives shape and luster Warm wood floors , which is also suitable for living room and Bedrooms , but you must be careful not to drag furniture or load large weights on it, and it is also not suitable for use in wet places, bathrooms and kitchens.


Flooring and its types

epoxy flooring

Epoxy is a chemical substance that was used in insulation or repair and treatment of marble cracks. It is a transparent material and can be colored. We may find it used in the floors of factories and hospitals because of its endurance and hardness, as well as resistance to moisture and insects, but recently it has aesthetic uses. Other..as it became possible to use it to make a painting Three dimensional On floors or gradients in glossy colors, as epoxy gives a smooth and glossy surface like glass. It is possible to make paintings or stunning effects on floors. It is a modern and modern solution, but its cost is somewhat high, as well as despite its hardness and durability, it can be It has been scratched and its luster has faded with time and needs treatment. As for its new uses, it has become used in commercial and administrative fields and recently in homes, especially Kitchens and bathrooms

concrete floors

Some may wonder that we mentioned concrete floors in an article talking about decoration and homes, but the wonder is that the shape of concrete and the color of natural cement is one of the latest fashions in the world of decoration, after it was used in garage floors, factories or airports, and it is called a helicopter floor.. Now leave a concrete wall or The ceiling or the floor of a room in this rough shape for construction with the use of accessories, plants or even paintings, or giving it an industrial shape by passing some copper pipes on the walls or in the ceilings is one of the latest trends in modern decoration . Epoxy may be added to it and it becomes polished and shiny in the color of natural cement! Or used in its coarse form outside

Flooring and its types

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