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HomeArt Attack TipsDecorating ideas for your home and more aesthetic ideas for your surroundings

Decorating ideas for your home and more aesthetic ideas for your surroundings

There is no right way to use or wrong way to use
There is a percentage of people who think that they should follow the art of home decor with a specific topic
Rather, we can use aspects of our personality and highlight them in the form of decoration used using
Various elements and shapes for aesthetic ideas while decorating the house in an elegant way

Some ideas and tips for decorating a beautiful home

  1. _For those who want to preserve the shape of the theme they chose for the shape of their home décor , they can do so
    By choosing new items that fit the current decor, for example, suppose that your home has a
    Contemporary Style Try to choose elegant and minimalist details that can blend in with your style to make the home more aesthetic and have decoration ideas .

  2. Small details are a great choice to add a unique touch, such as vases and pillows, and can be displayed alone or in
    groups, but care must be taken to stick to one shape, either decorative, striped or monochrome, as there is no other collision

  3. _ Sculptural or pottery pieces can add another look to the art of home decor that you used or add to your decorations.
    The apartments that you used, of course, the condition of consistency. These pieces usually refer to a work of art, such as sculptural pieces, for example, but you need to take
    Some factors to consider are the size, color and the place where the piece is to be placed, so you can choose a place to see it
    From many angles or from several rooms
  4. _ Whatever style or shape you have taken in designing your home , you can acquire a painting if you are a fan of artworks.
    It gives you an opportunity to get out of the boundaries. For example, if your home is modern and elegant with muted colors, this pattern can be broken
    With a large and bold palette with multiple shapes that you can choose from:

– cubist paintings
– abstract paintings
Impressionist or realist paintings

And with this, do not just care that the painting fits in an appropriate form, but also make sure that you bring something that you like, this will make you more happy.

Touches to decorate your apartment

There are many ideas and pieces that can be added to the decorations of the apartments that you used, but what if you have space
Small you want to open and expand? Or a large room that needs more natural light than another window?

Some simple apartment décor , from elegant table lamps to window treatments, can make a great impact
A general sense of space by knowing the elements that fit together and we will give you some ideas

Living room :
All you may need is the simplicity of choosing pieces and light colors so that a modern touch prevails over the entire décor , including
Monochrome rugs and a comfortable rectangular sofa, far from the traditional shape

kitchen :
When choosing dark colors for the kitchen, do not exceed a maximum of two colors, especially if it has a large area, but if it is the opposite
Of course, light colors are your choice, and the important thing in all of this is to focus on containing a place dedicated to everything so that it does not look like
It looks messy and doesn’t waste space either

dining room :
It is recommended to stay away from large-sized tables and chairs and replace them with a modern, small-sized table suitable for family members
With elegant chairs, and if you are determined on large tables, it is okay, but try to have a modern feel

bathroom :
The use of curtains to separate its parts is no longer modern and has been replaced by glass, and the colors used in the bathroom are limited
Between white and wood or white and black


bedroom :
It is important to choose a bed in which you feel comfortable and to choose bright colors for the covers and pillows in line with the light colors of the room, such as
Light gray, off-white and white, and a small suitable lamp on both sides of the bed.


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